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As a CGS Health Member you will receive a dedicated clinical Navigator to answer all of your questions. They will guide you through the highest quality and most cost-efficient treatment options, prepare you for medical visits, and answer questions and follow-ups by phone, email and live-chat.

Your Navigator provides concierege-level support including:

  • Education Education
      • Care guidance
      • Range of potential outcomes
      • Upfront pricing information
      • Wellness, prevention and rehabilitation
  • Navigation Navigation
      • Care plans and coordination to ensure superior outcomes

      • Curated doctor recommendations

      • Appointment Scheduling

      • Access Top-In Network Providers

  • Advocacy Advocacy
      • Benefit information and tracking

      • Prepare members for medical visits

      • Support and advocacy from the point of diagnosis through the end of the episode

      • Interact with a healthcare professional through the entire care continuum

  • Billing Billing
      • Bill explanation and resolutions

      • Track total spend and dollars saved

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Get the most of your healthcare by activating your CGS Health Navigator now!

Call (844) 515-7095 or download the mobile app (Rightway Healthcare) to get started

To download the app simply scan the QR code and enter your information.