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CGS Health has you covered. Flexible, custom plans at lower costs without the hassle.

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Our Values

Quality Customer Care

Thoughtful, informed customer service verifies eligibility, resolves issues and gets you the care you need, when you need it.

Significant Savings

Avoid double-digit annual rate increases, regulatory costs and taxes associated with traditional fully-insured group plans.

Transparent Billing

Employers always know how much they’re spending — and exactly what they’re paying for.

Get a self-funded health plan that radically improves your health coverage.

Cost Savings

Our purpose-built health plans produce 15% to 25% average annual savings compared to fully-insured healthcare insurance plans.

Customized Coverage

Our self-funded health plans are tailored to the unique needs of your employees.

Personalized Service

We treat employees with compassion and respect, and answer all of their questions — fast.


Attract top talent with competitive benefits at a significant savings to you.


Keep you and your family healthy with coverage tailored to your needs and best-in-class customer service.


The highest rates of member satisfaction and client retention, and industry leading commissions.


Automatic eligibility verification and timely payments to keep you and your patients happy and healthy.

How a CGS Health self-funded health plan saves your company money

Employers collect payroll contributions and pay monthly premiums to a carrier, claims are paid out and the carrier keeps the profits.


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