Save 15-25% with self-insured coverage from CGS Health

CGS Health custom-designed plans provide flexibility, transparency, and efficiency that saves you money and hassle.

Plans designed specifically for small and midsize organizations.

Get the cost savings and plan design flexibility traditionally reserved for enterprise clients, tailor benefits to your team's unique needs and avoid the carrier profits, regulatory costs and taxes associated with traditional fully-insured group plans.

We handle the paperwork so you don't have to.

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Eligibility & Enrollment

CGS Health handles the onboarding process so you can focus on your business including enrollment, ID Cards and benefit information, all customized for you.

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Plan Design

Avoid wasting money on premiums with coverage customized to the specific needs of your employees. Our team helps you determine your needs and design the perfect plan for your business.

Claims Management

CGS Health monitors claims and constantly optimizes your plans based on actual use. You see where claims dollars are spent and can take action to control costs while providing better member outcomes.

Every penny you save, you keep

CGS Health is always on the lookout for ways to save you more. We regularly review claims and work directly with you and your employees to ensure your plan is optimized for efficiency and maximum satisfaction.

Transparency - you see what we see

CGS Health helps you monitor claims so you know exactly what you’re paying for. Our regular reporting gives you insight into your plan and claims payments, and thoughtful data analytics helps us find more ways to save you time and money.

Flexibility in plan design

CGS Health offers quick and easy online enrollment to help analyze your employees’ healthcare needs and design a plan that’s perfect for them and your bottom line. The adaptable approach to plan design combines best practices and claims utilization experience with client preferences to match existing plans or develop custom plans.

CGS Health provides a broad set of networks and benefit coverage options at price points to meet both employer and employee budgets – all while maintaining ACA compliance and penalty avoidance.

A full spectrum of benefit plans on a single platform.

01 Health Plans

Qualified Plans

Major medical ‘metallic’ ACA-compliant plans leveraging Cigna’s national ‘best in class’ PPO network of 860,000 healthcare professionals and 6,200 hospitals. Bronze to Platinum. PPO or EPO. HDHP & HSA. Includes FREE 24x7 Telemedicine by Teladoc.

02 MEC Enhanced


Enhanced minimum essential coverage is an economical plan design that combines preventative benefits with frequently utilized essential health benefits including PCP/ SPC, diagnostics and advanced imaging, access to Urgent Care/ Emergency Room and includes FREE 24x7 telemedicine by Teladoc and Tier 1-2 Rx.

03 MEC Traditional

MEC Traditional

Traditional minimum essential coverage plans are preventative, benefits-only plans that help members to avoid the individual mandate penalty, while counting towards carrier participation requirements. Traditional MEC includes FREE 24x7 telemedicine by Teladoc and Rx discount card.

New hire? Got married? Big promotion?

Life changes. Easily enroll and make adjustments to plans, verify eligibility and access explanations of benefits on the benefit admin portal.

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